Sunday, November 21, 2010

What remains of the original pratt house?

It was Sam's idea to write a list of what we are saving in Pratt house to compliment the list of new features. So here goes.....

1.Exterior wall framing
2.Interior wall framing (main floor)
3.Main floor hardwood flooring
4.Main floor interior casing and doors
5.Main stair case
6.Built in cabinets and bench
7.Stained glass
9.Roof framing
10.Roof knees and rafter tails
11.Landscaping rocks for retaining wall
12.Trees in front yard
13.Paint colour scheme
14.Exterior wall sheathing
15.Roof strapping
16.Front handrails
17.Main floor wainscotting

As with the other list there are many things that have not made it, but working with the temperature well into the negatives doesn't help with one's cognitive function.

Also, when I say that they remain---I really mean that they are "refurbished" or "revitalized" which means that there is often alot (and i mean ALOT) of time spent on refinishing or strengthening the items so that they are better than new and meet current building codes.

There is one thing though, that cannot be replicated, and that is that there is only 1 Pratt house and by revitalizing this house it is some how an honour to all the people who built and lived and loved and cared for this house in the past 100 years.

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