Friday, January 28, 2011

How to restore a fireplace that is 100 years old

The original fireplace is a beauty (after the new foundation and up to 2" of floor leveling the fireplace and mantle became dis-attached and were threatening to fall off) but after a couple of days of disassembling the fireplace brick by brick Sam was able to repair it perfectly. The old mortar was a light tan colour and after some discussion it was decided the the best route was to treat the bricks like tile and mortar them in and grout the joints in order to maintain the original style and colour. Sadly it will be getting a gas insert, but it is a sign of the times and wood fireplaces are simply too inefficient and polluting. When the new insert is installed I will post a pick.
posted by: Joel

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  1. From time to time I restore our brick fireplace to its original glory to keep our house up to date and well maintained.