Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to build house foundation and footings

3608 Quesnel Dr footings

3608 Quesnel Dr footings
I want to post the process of building house foundations in the next few weeks so that people can see what is involved with the structure of their homes.  There is alot going on in this post so I will start from the beginning.... It is important to start with a level base and we like to add around 1-2 inches of gravel so that we are not walking in water all the time.  After this base grade has been established we build strip footing boxes.  For an 8`deep footing we use 2x8`s which are actually 7 1/4" which we cleat with 1x4's that are actually 3/4" for a total depth of 8".  And to answer your question.... yes the bottom ones will be stuck under the foundation for eternity.  Once these are all connected we add a 2x4 centered in the footing and under the top cleats which once removed will leave a keyway in the concrete (to be posted after the concrete pour).  We are now ready for rebar and inspections.... Concrete is on Thursday.

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