Saturday, April 16, 2011

Qusenel Dr foundation footings are poured

Concrete foundation footing
 This is a close up of the poured foundation footing.  You can see the 1x4 cleats holding the footing from exploding with the pressure of the concrete.  I hope that this is making sense to everyone.  Once we remove the wood  from the concrete and clean up the garbage it looks like this....
Quesnel Dr footings
You can see the rebar that was poured into the concrete and the keyway that is in the center of the new wall providing a notch that will keep the wall from sliding off the footing.  A couple of interesting notes: 1. rebar has very little sheer strength and is used for its strength under tension (the force taken to pull it apart), 2. concrete is used because it has an incredible compression strength, and 3. rebar has similar density to concrete so when there is expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling the rebar expands and contracts at the same rate.  Metal other than rebar will expand at different rates and therefore create a tube within the concrete and have little or no strength.

The 2x4s that you see in the picture are for the foundation wall forms that we will be building in the next weeks.

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