Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Main Floor Sheathing

Before the floor sheathing is glued and nailed down, the 2x10s joists are aligned at the center of span, and 2x2 bridging is added.
We only nail the tops of the X-shaped bridging until later; this allows the floor to experience dynamic loads. When fully nailed off bridging stiffens a floor significantly.

A view from the underside. In the lower-right you can see the concrete corner walls which essentially anchor the entire structue to the Island.

Here's 'Luke' checking out the floorplan of his new home for the first time.

The house will have wrap-around decks, covered by a minimum roof overhang of 4'6", with a screened-in-porch area, as well as a sun deck with a fantastic view. All said and done, the decks will nearly match that of interior floorspace.

With but a few low limbs trimmed, the view to the Straight will be stunning.

Author: Sam

Location:Rock Bottom, Nelson Island, BC

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