Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rock Bottom Foundation

The foundation of Rock Bottom is designed to keep concrete to a minimum, with short columns (8" minimum) and wood posts above to reach the height necessary to pick up the support beams for the main floor. To provide lateral or 'shear' strength for the building, the north-south and east-west beams will attach to two 3' tall 4' x 4' L-shaped concrete walls with six anchor bolts each. In total, there is only 1.25 cubic meters (1.63 cubic yards) of concrete spread between the aforementioned L-walls and 26 columns.

Looking SW over the site with concrete poured in all the columns.

Below is a column freshly-stripped the morning after the pour. The 'post saddle' has two rebar rods on the bottom, which are embedded in the concrete. We 'wet-set' these saddles before the concrete hardens and use a stringline to ensure they are all in straight line.

Again looking SW over the site with the columns and walls stripped of their formwork. The support posts are going in, and using a laser level, the will all be cut to exactly the same elevation.

Next up: beams and floor joists.

Author: Sam

Location:Nelson Island, BC

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