Monday, August 29, 2011

Delta MS--Drain mat

NW Marine Drive--Drain Mat 
After the foundation is poured, the house is lowered, the infill concrete is poured and stripped we are ready for damp proofing.  Under this layer of Delta MS Drainage mat there are two layers of sprayed tar like damp proofing.  Notice the black termination strip at the top holding the drain mat and stopping any dirt or back fill from getting behind the drainage plane.  The little orange squares are where it is attached to the concrete walls.  Before the damproofing company arrives the are should be clean and free of debris (or it will be covered with tar) with a level line snapped on the wall so that the drain mat looks as good as this when it is done.  All this to keep the basement cozy and dry.  Next step in dry basement building is drain tile and rain water leader.

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