Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to Install Drain Tile

NW Marine Dr---Drain Tile

NW Marine Dr--Drain Tile
Drain tile is the name used to describe the perforated pipe laid at the base of the foundation walls to capture and remove excess ground water.  Drain tile needs to have a minimum of 1/8" per foot of slope, roughly equaling to 1" per 10' of pipe.  To attach the pipe make sure that the connection is free of dirt and water, then prime using purple primer, then glue using the adhesive.  When installing drain tile ensure that only 45 degree elbows are used - to make a 90 degree turn use two 45 degree elbows with a small piece of pipe between them.  Remember to ensure that the bottom of the pipe is below the bottom of the basement slab on grade to ensure that there is no chance for water ingress.  Once the pipe is laid make sure that it is covered with a minimum of 8" of 3/4" crushed gravel.  You are now ready for inspection.

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