Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Install Chamfer Strip in Concrete Formwork

Recently, a few google searches on formwork details have resulted in the discovery of our blog, so I thought it pertinent to do an actual How-To on a good one: Chamfer Strip.
Chamfer strip is a triangular strip of wood, nailed to concrete formwork in various places: outside corners, around window or door openings, at the top of an exposed wall, etc.
I will be installing 3/4" chamfer strip for an outside 98 degree corner in a concrete foundation wall. Not the boy band, actually ninety-eight degrees!

For this application, 1 1/2" common nails are sufficient

Pre-set your nails parallel to one side of the chamfer strip, every 8-12"

Press the chamfer into the corner of the form and carefully nail it off. Because the nails were set parallel to one side, you get a solid bite into one side of the form, rather than the small gap where the two sheets of plywood meet in the corner.

Below is an example of a chamfered concrete corner, which looks tidy and will resist chipping much better than a 90 degree corner.

Further use of chamfer strip are discussed here.

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Author: Sam


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    1. Hello John, Do you use chamfer strips regularly?