Saturday, November 19, 2011

Attic framing continues....

So the attic framing at NW Marine has come to a grinding halt.  The owner has decided to try to add a roof top deck, the architect has not finished the drawings and the engineer will take a couple of weeks to catch up.  In the meantime this is how the attic looks.  New load bearing beams have been added and floor joists have been hung off of them.  There are new 2x10 collar ties added to the existing 2x6 ties and there are 2 new load bearing walls running down each side of the house.  The unfinished area in the center is where the new staircase will come up to access the new roof top deck.

NW marine dr attic

NW marine dr attic

NW marine Dr attic storage
So we are going to the atrium to continue move a  concrete wall, backfill, and ultimately begin framing.  Work continues on the dropped ceilings and the mudroom that connects the house to the garage. 

Its Saturday morning her and I am off to build some stuff!

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