Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Living room and dining room dropped ceilings

The living room and dining room dropped ceilings are complete and the the kitchen, nook and family room are under construction.  Dropped ceilings serve a couple of functions, namely facilitating the ducting for heat and air conditioning.  Stylistically, they add definition and focus to a room.  These drops incorporate a lot of radius and chandelier medallions as this is a large and opulent house.  There are also two elevations of dropped ceilings, one at 12" and one at 8". 

I like to build the drops out of 2x4 ladders and plywood as opposed to just plywood as they are straighter, leveler and stronger.  This form of construction also allows the other trades to work above the drops in the floor joist cavity without having to cut apart the drops.

There are also dropped ceilings being installed in the basement and second story but there will be more on this later.

living room dropped ceiling

dining room dropped ceiling

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