Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eyebrow window

While the guys were sheeting the roof I actually spent two days carefully disassembling and re-assembling this eyebrow window.  The original framing was a little hokey to say the least, with no window header and only a skewed double 2x6 header spanning the whole 9' opening.  The lower part of the opening is now resting on a stud wall and the higher opening is supported by a new PSL Beam.  I also added a curved header and 2x6 rafters.  Its hard to tell from these pics but the window is in such a state of decay that the sill has been lashed and that when i removed the window the bottom fell off.

eyebrow window exterior

eyebrow window interior
This is a pic of the eyebrow window from the inside with temporary supports.  I think that this was a well spent 2 days as this window adds detail and focus to an otherwise large, angular and masculine roof structure.

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