Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Reproduce Heritage Features

In the Heritage Restoration business, we (carpenters) are often thrust into producing a finished product with incomplete blueprints or oftentimes just the details of a discussion with the owner. For an example of the former, in the architectural drawings of the NW Marine Mansion - in which we rely heavily on to build - an existing window which is to be kept will be drawn on the plans with 'existing' tagged above it, and no further detail. As Carpenters, we are neither Architects nor Engineers; however sometimes we are forced into being both. The Eyebrow Window is a perfect example. It is simply expected to remain as is, deispite its rotted state of disrepair and apparent lack of an engineered structure. Within this example lies one of the reasons we as a company strive to be involved with a project like NW Marine from start to finish: the ability to reproduce a heritage feature to current building code at a minimal cost and most important, a minimal time investment. Delays are the enemy, but as Joel would say, "that is the subject of another blog post."

Author: Sam

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