Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marketing for Small Business!

 My marketing Rant!

This post may be a bit of an anomaly for us but I would like to say a few things about marketing for small business. I must say first and foremost that I do not have a master's degree in marketing nor do I have years of experience but since this is not my profession I think that I approach the topic from a non biased perspective.

My general opinion is that small businesses spend far too much on their marketing. The thing is... that marketing does not ensure greater sales volume, and more importantly greater sales volume does not ensure greater profitability. There is of course a correlation with marketing, sales volume and profitability but it is very difficult to quantify with relation to small businesses specifically.

Things that I have spent money on Marketing: Branding, Logo, Website, Stationary, Business Cards, Site Signs, Vehicle Signs, Promotional or Sales Items such as tickets, gift certificates, gifts and such. Money that was poorly spent or that I have spent too much money and time on.... Branding, Logo, Website, Stationary, Promotional Items.

NW Marine Dr Site Sign

Sign on our trailer that travels from site to site

Over that last five years I have learnt that the most effective forms of marketing are signs and business cards. I haven’t had one person approach me saying that they saw our company on the Internet even though our blog alone has had 10 000 page views. People ask me for my business card almost daily and countless people have told me that they have seen our signs.

In our Marketing Budget signs have, without a doubt, the largest allocation of funding.

I must also say that I am open to comments and will probably modify this position as my experience grows.

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  1. Well, as a 'marketing guy', I have some issues with your article. However, in the construction business, site signage is golden. Business cards are an operational necessity. Beyond these, RMD may Be well-served to remain tight with promotional materials.

    - Dave