Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 000 Page views

We have recently passed 10,000 all time pageviews.  We have grown from 30 pageviews a month, and the statistics now show that we have around 40 views per day and 1200 per month.  We are steadily growing. 

I am not exactly sure how google rankings and all these things come into play but I am convinced that if we post regularly and keep our site free from advertising that our readership will continue to grow. 

The most amazing part of the blog statistics is our audience where we have regular viewers from the following countries:

Netherlands, China, Aruba, Singapore, Australia, Russia, France, Canada, United States, India, Germany, Philippines, Belgium, South Korea, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Moldova, Brazil, Romania, Botswana, Latvia, Ireland, Mexico, Sweden, Ukraine, New Zealand, Japan, Poland, Jamaica, Israel, Dominica, Taiwan, Georgia, Spain, Cambodia, Serbia, Japan, Lithuania, Bahrain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Italy, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Iraq, South Africa, Egypt, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey .

A big thanks to Sam who has donated his time and posted regularly with me over the past 2 years!!!

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