Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working on 10' ceilings

When the ceilings are 10 feet high it takes some basic tools to get high enough to work.  The basic step ladder, as seen in the first pic, is an industry standard.  Light and portable the step ladder, or "steppy" as we call it, is a convenient tool.  If you have used a step ladder enough times you know how many up and down trips you can make in a day.  The downsides of a step ladder are that there is nowhere to keep materials at the top, your reach while on the step ladder is very small, forcing you to constantly go up and down and the top part of the ladder can be in your way while you are working.

Rest assured, there is an option to the step ladder. If you keep your floor clean of garbage and debris, you can use a rolling scaffold such as the Bakers scaffold in the second pic.

8' wood step ladder

rolling bakers scaffold

The bakers scaffold can speed up the process considerably as it provides a work platform and has room to store objects, material all within hand reach.  The platform is adjustable so that you can work at a height that is comfortable.

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