Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Lost Post

I'm admittedly low on new content, so I was going through the archives, hoping I'd find something, and sure enough, this post slipped through the cracks. HA! instant blog post.

Think waaay back to March 2011, when we were renovating 
Pratt House.  Front View   Inside View

Similar to the 3 stained-glass windows, the window frames in the living and dining rooms will remain, though new double-panes will replace the original single-panes. We chose this approach to retain the interior woodwork, but also because the window frames are in very good shape, both inside and out. These upgrades produce an improvement in efficiency, while maintaining original style.
Ryan cuts out the old putty, routers out the frame to fit the much thicker new glass, and finally installs the new pane with silicone sealant and wood trim.
Similarly with the upper front window:
The many small upper panes in the living room window are replaced with one large double pane to fit.
The muntins were finished to the exterior trim color prior to the new glass going in.
New Pane Installed

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