Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Chimney is Being Bricked

Cenent mixer making mortar
Bricks + Mortar = Chimney
So the chimney is receiving a fresh new set of bricks this week.  The is a substantial difference in the way that chimneys are built these days and the biggest change is that there is no smoke any more.  wood fires are a thing of the past and the new gas fireplaces vent directly out the side of the chimney.  The brick does form part of the exterior envelope now though and it is another type of cladding.


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  2. In between a huge number of supplies available to make a chimney or fireplace, bricks are still leading the race. Not just in looks, but the overall performance as well. You have got the trick and applied the most convenient and effective method for your home, and really deserve a great deal of congratulations for that. Pretty nice stuff.

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