Friday, March 23, 2012

Cornice Moulding at the Marine Mansion

Cornice moulding work commenced this week with a mock-up of the architect's design. Xav masterfully translated the complex drawing into what you see below. This moulding detail will adorn the roof overhang on the Atrium and Back Porch of the Marine Mansion. 
The corbels (center), brackets (not shown), 1x and 2x material will all be Western Red Cedar, while the curved moulding (upper 1/3) is an EPS moulding (shaped styrofoam coated in fibreglass mesh and polymer cement). In the background you can see two layers of 30 minute building paper and 1/2" rainscreen strapping on which the moulding will be built.
 Layout of the corbels and brackets is an important first step
An entry and exit for airflow, key to the rainscreen system is provided by a perforated galvanized metal moulding we call bug screen. Above is end-view of bug screen sandwiched between ripped 2x4s; this sits atop the corbels...
... as seen here on the back porch, with a 2x8 horizontal and 2x10 vertical at the bottom. The brackets will sit above the support posts, which themselves will be trimmed out later. 
 Inside corner detail
1x8 notched around the corbels, then 1x4 and a small cornice moulding on top, between the corbels.

Stay tuned for more on the cornice moulding as we finish it up.

Author: Sam

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