Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cypress House

Welcome to Cypress House, Ronse Massey Developmets' latest project. Named for the two towering Cypress trees in the front yard, this house is a custom Formwerks Architechtural design, with too many interesting details to list in this first installment.
Plan view of the lot with the new home and garage.

The existing house. After asbestos removal (done by professionals), all salvageable materials were removed and the house was boarded up for security.  
Here is the house about 2 hours into demolition.
In an easy day's work, the Hitachi ZAXIS 200 reduced the house to a mound of rubble. 

Over the next ~12 months I will have regular updates and mini-features on some interesting aspects of the build, so stay tuned.

Author: Sam

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