Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cypress House - Excavation

Lets start this blog post with an equation.

Excavator + Big Hole in the Ground + Rain = Sloppy Muddy Mess

We're talking down the alley, on the street, on us, in our trucks... EVERYWHERE. I feel for anyone who started a house in June in Vancouver. Thankfully, we were excavating in early/mid May, and the weather was literally perfect.

The house debris were removed separately from the concrete. Here, the last bits of concrete are on their way out. 

Topsoil was removed first.

Next, the 200 attacked the hardpan. Nearly worn-out teeth on the bucket were quickly replaced for sharp new ones, and suddenly the hardpan wasn't so hard!

Getting closer to the desired depth. Guardrails are necessary at this point. 

Using a laser level and the benchmark established by the surveyor, we were able to get to within 12" of the finished depth before switching to the cleanup bucket for the final sweep.  

After we reached the desired depth, the banks were covered with mid-weight poly. The excavation slopes gently to the lowest point, bottom right on the photo. The photo is taken on top of a pile of the excavated hard-pan material. We covered this pile with poly to keep it dry for use as back-fill material later on.
As the pictures show, we managed to squeak through the excavation process without a drop of rain. Very luck for May in Vancouver, if you ask me.

Next up: Foundation footings.

Author: Sam

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  1. Timely excavating work accomplished in Vancouver in the month of May. With rain the task becomes harder to manage. In May the climate is quite dry and less effort all these can be done easily. I also prefer dry season for the excavation work.