Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spray Foam and Regular Insulation at Marine Mansion

Both the spray foam and fibreglass batt insulation has been installed at the Marine mansion over the past week.  The spray foam is applied to all the roof areas as it cannot be properly ventilated in heritage houses like this.  The spray foam is also applied to inaccesible places and under decks that are not ventilated.  The benefit of spray foam is that it has higher R value, better vapour barrier, and can be applied in inconvenient locations.  The down side is that it is expensive, hard to renovate in the future and delicate in areas that are exposed.  The fibreglass batt insulation is much more cost effective so it has been used in all the walls of the home.

spray foam close up detail

attic has been insulated

rafters, studs, and collar ties in spray foam

spray foam attic space

spray foam box ends and batt insulation in walls


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