Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to Build Structural Brackets

Below is an inside look at how we build structural brackets. 
This is a design we came up with, including a radius cutout and tapered ends.  The notches in the vertical and horizontal members increase overall strength of the bracket. 

We chose to lag bolt through the back and top sides for a clean look.

Here, tacked on the wall for a mockup. The 6x6 block on top will be a beam to support rafters. The bracket is fixed to the wall with lag screws through either tripled-up studs or solid blocking. The former is preferred. 
Here are some links showing how we have used structural and decorative brackets in the past.

Robinson House: support for the roof over a bay window, support for the barge boards
Pratt House: refurbishing structural brackets, finished dipped-shingle siding
Marine Mansion: decorative brackets

Author: Sam

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