Thursday, February 28, 2013

Highbury House Update

Highbury House---Foundation to Second Floor

Highbury Foundation

Main Floor Framing

Main Floor Sheeted

First Walls

Main Floor Rear

Shear Wall Framing

Second Floor I joists

Second Floor with I Joists and Sheeting

Second Story Walls

Second Story Walls

Main Floor Entrance

The foundation is stripped, dampproofing is finished, the concrete trowels are put away and the nail guns are out!  It feels like the groundhogs have come out for daylight.  

The main floor was joisted and sheeted, the walls were stood, the second floor was joisted and sheeted, and the second floor walls were stood.  These days we are working on the intricate roof package including trusses, hand cut, flat, gable and vaulted sections. (stay tuned for more to come one this awesome house).  I also have some great detail pics and tips coming up as well as a garage post.  

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