Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cypress House - Curved Window Sill

The Kitchen/Family Room at Cypress House features a breakfast nook, nestled into the radius bay window, where lots of natural light enters the space through four casement windows. With four windows installed together closely in a round wall, we chose to fabricate a continuous, curved window sill. Sergio, our resident fine-woodworker took the challenge head-on; here is what he came up with.

Sergio started by fabricating templates out of 3/8" MDF because of their light weight and easy workability. After he cut them to fit, they were set in place, overlapping so that the arc could be scribed and the ends cut to fit.

Here are the templates, individually labelled, with the arc scribed, and with the ends cut so that all the templates fit together nicely. 

Next Sergio transferred the templates onto vertical grain Douglas Fir 2x6 and cut each one out. A relief was cut out of the back of each piece, as there was only about 3/4" between the window and the sill. Multiple cuts with a circular saw set at the right depth to start, then chisel all the pieces out. 

Because time was taken to make the templates fit together seamlessly, the Fir finished product only needed a light touch up for a joint as clean as this. As usual we used high-quality construction adhesive (PL Premium) and a few screws to hold things in place. 

Apologies for the dark photo, but here is the master and his masterpiece!

Author: Sam

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